Vickie Roan
Flavors are very strong and I've been craving Chinese style BBQ skewers. Everything is well cooked, nothing was served raw and nothing was overly charred. Each steamed rice order is probably enough to share between two people or one really hungry person. The mackarel and chicken cartilage was delicious!! I'm used to drinking hot water, but they only had tepid water.
Andrew Pang
Came with my family after working out. The rice bowl is perfect for a post workout lunch meal. The leaves add some nice flavor and aesthetic! We had minced pork patty, Chinese pork, and curry chicken. We all have our issues with seasoning (either health reasons or just dislike it) so the fact that the rice bowls were light on seasoning encouraged us to season using their homemade soy sauce and chili oil to our liking. Even without it, the bowls still tasted great and filling. The service was friendly and as expected from a Chinese restaurant (meaning you do have to wave them down for things). Definitely recommend if you're okay with lightly seasoned food and comfortable with Chinese level service!
Jie Wu
The food is very good. And service is awesome, though food delivery is a little slow, since they just started. But they gave us some free food to compensate this. I would definitely recommend this place.
Snowy Tiffany
This place is clean and new, and has a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. You really get what you pay for and in quite large amounts! The employees are also very helpful and kind. Chill place with good music and tasty food! 👍😁
Ben Deng
The server was very very nice. It was a busy day when I was there last time, and our food came out pretty late. I understood that because I am a server as well. However, I was surprised the server offered us free lunch. I really appreciated that. Thank you so much, I will be back.